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First Class Error Messages

You have exceeded your license limit for concurrent application sessions. 1014 File copy failed. Server message: Conference does not exist. Server message: Duplicate server name. Specified volume does not exist. navigate here

The gateway was unable to translate the message into FirstClass format because the message is damaged. Introduction This book explains the error messages you may encounter while using FirstClass, as an administrator or as a user. An attempt to open a file has failed. See the Server Tools form for more information. 1051 Client message: Sorry, that user has already logged off. http://pdsnet.pds.org/.onlinehelp/es-do/FOV17-000100B1/S007CB6A9-007CB6A9?Templates=Help

To troubleshoot problems with modem sessions, see the sessions information in FirstClass Tools Reference. 1084 Client message: Warning: this object is currently being edited by another user. Usually, this occurs when the server or another user session modifies the list of items just as the client or batch admin processing gets to a request to access an item You tried to upgrade an evaluation server. The connection to the FirstClass server has failed. 1207 Client message: Host does not appear to be a FirstClass server.

You tried to open a résumé for a user or conference that does not have one. 1044 Client message: Sorry, there is no FirstClass server with that name on the network. Only outgoing messages that have been sent can be unsent. 1079 Client message: Autoforward loop detected. Server message: Serial port hardware not installed. This document is bound by international copyright law and the FirstClass Software License Agreement and Limited Warranty included with every FirstClass product.

Then force a trash collection to recover space on the server. 1043 Client message: Sorry, a résumé does not exist for this user. Server message: Server session memory limit reached. FirstClass cannot find an item referred to in a client request or FirstClass scripting command. https://reflex.at/Images/FOV1-000655B4/FOV1-0008E787/FOV1-000B6F7A/FOV1-0008E789/FOV1-0008E79D/FOV1-0008E7A0/A347 Internal error. 7002 Message: Primary domain name not found; verify that all information has been entered into the Internet setup form.

All rights reserved. Make sure the modem is working correctly and that the modem session has been correctly configured. If the problem persists, consider reinstalling the network software or drivers, or contact the network administrator for further instructions. 4127 Message: Cannot execute program. There is not enough memory to open the settings file.

The current machine is low on memory. Enter your user ID and password correctly and try again. 1004 Client message: There is a problem with the communication link. Server message: Communications tool missing or incorrectly configured. Make sure the dictionary file is not read only. 6104 Message: Too many lexicon files in Tools folder; please remove any unnecessary lexicon files.

Please report the problem to your system administrator. check over here Please adjust your encryption settings and try again. Please quit and log in again. You can get instructions on how to configure the firewall here.

Server message: No such user. This defines both a JSON and XML format for error handling and there are libraries out there for most languages which will decode it for you. This usually indicates that the object was manually deleted by the user, rather than by FirstClass, or that the file was damaged and removed by Trash Collection. his comment is here FirstClass could not rename the current user Directory. 5515 Message: User break.

Reopen the conference and try again. Server message: Conference does not exist. Server message: Bad or invalid request.

You can restrict the functions to which users have access.

See the System Profile information in FirstClass Administrator's Guide. You can restrict the functions to which users have access. This error can also be reported to FirstClass protocol modules (such as Internet Services and Voice Services) when the mailboxes for those modules are being audited by the server. Another application (such as a terminal program or fax software) is using a serial port configured for a modem session on the FirstClass server.

Server message: No Transmit buffers available. Log off and then log in again as the administrator or as a subadministrator. This should never be displayed, and likely indicates a logic error in the program code. http://hprank.net/first-class/first-class-error-1044.html This error can also be reported to FirstClass protocol modules (such as Internet Services and Voice Services) when the mailboxes for those modules are being audited by the server.

Give the user the current version. 1002 Client message: Your request cannot be completed because there is not enough memory available on this machine. If the client says that it accepts XML, then don't return an error in JSON or HTML! This usually indicates a logic error in the server code. Try to open or download the file later. 1022 Server message: Object not empty.

Used internally only. 2013 Server message: Message was rejected at delivery time because it was too large. If not, use RFC7807: Problem Details for HTTP APIs. Delete the alias from the user's Desktop. 1049 Client message: Your daily time limit has been used up. Please connect again.

Server message: Invalid ObjID. You tried to send a message before all attachments were transferred to the server. If the problem persists, contact Centrinity Customer Support. 4107 Message: Attempt to read past end of file. This indicates a system limit has been reached (for example, the file name may be too long) or a logic error in the program. 4104 Message: File is not open.

You tried to license your server with an invalid FirstClass license diskette. If this problem persists, contact FirstClass Customer Support. 1013 Client message: You are already logged in. Restart the server, or edit the System Profile. If you do want this user to be able to work offline, make sure the Offline Work privilege is turned on, or purchase and install Remote Personal Services license (only available

You can also reduce the conference expiry period, or configure the "Expire Old Messages When Number of Items Reaches" field. This error may occur if you try to perform an administration function when you are not logged in as the administrator or as a subadministrator. An attempt to read a file has failed. The message exceeds the size limit for the target Mailbox or conference. 2014 Server message: Message rejected because it is too large.