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First Class Error Message

If the user requires additional space, increase this limit. 1094 Client message: Warning: You are currently over your disk space quota and have been granted read-only access. This may indicate an incomplete previous write operation (due to a crash or power failure, for example), a network error, or a hardware failure. This error is specific to the Mac OS, and occurs if you try to use a Communications Toolbox that has been incorrectly installed or configured. Select a folder or conference and try again. 1033 Client message: That name is already taken. navigate here

Server message: Database extension missing. Server message: Could not load OT AppleTalk driver. If you are unsure whether you can use FirstClass Personal, contact your administrator. The email From attribute is not filled by the Send attribute called. 1013 License limit reached; maximum concurrent application sessions exceeded.

You clicked a button on the Setup form for a new object before saving the object. If the login attempt fails again, reset the server modems. An error or timeout occurred during the processing of a connection script file. You tried to change a damaged file.

Make sure all of your FirstClass software versions are updated to the latest release. 1074 Client message: Could not find the IPX driver. You have tried to run more than one copy of the application. This error occurs on a multivolume system if the volume containing the recipient's Mailbox has not been mounted, or if it has been restored incorrectly. 2007 Server message: Lookup error: The This indicates a network configuration error.

Choose another name. 1081 Client message: Item could not be found. This usually indicates that the volume is out of disk space. Check for software updates, and retry the operation. https://online.umaine.edu/techsupport/umaineonline-technical-support-firstclass/ It can also be reported if an Internet alias contains one or more spaces. 1029 Client message: Sorry, only the administrator can perform that function.

Where do I go to download FirstClass Client? Some error messages may have been omitted if the user will never encounter them. If that does not help, restart the server machine. 4118 Message: Invalid data. For future use. 2003 Server message: Cannot deliver to this user because user is not of a known class (Regular, Remote).

Top 4000 range error messages The FirstClass errors in the 4000 range describe client error messages related to modem communications. why not try these out Reduce user session memory use by closing FirstClass client windows, especially search results lists. For example, the path and directory are wrong. 1015 Field is not an expanding database list. Server message: File system error.

Be sure to include a last name, and try retyping the name, or choosing a simple name. check over here Server message: User has logged off You tried to invite a user to a chat after the user logged off. On Windows add more memory to the machine. 7001 Message: A NULL/0-length/overall bad argument was passed to a function. Server message: No résumé.

The gateway will run later. 4007 Message: No server answer. Check for software updates, and retry the operation. The FirstClass Directory stores information about every user, conference, and route registered on the server. http://hprank.net/first-class/first-class-error-1044.html Please contact your administrator and report the problem.

The FirstClass server is not currently running. First find the course you are referring to (see above).  Next, right click on the icon and choose “Add to desktop.”  If you go back to your FirstClass desktop, you will The server translates it to a text message.

To deliver a message immediately, choose Collaborate > Work Offline > Replicate Now.

User IDs must be unique on this system. This error occurs on PowerPC computers if the server is configured for AppleTalk, but Open Transport AppleTalk is not correctly installed. You can also click on the triangle button to hide the Advanced options. Server message: Database extension missing.

You tried to resume a file transfer for a file that has been fully received. Remove some files from the To History F104Home• Help• Administration• F104 Troubleshooting 1000 range error messages 1200 range error messages 2000 range error messages 3000 range error messages 4000 range error spring, fall, summer, etc.  This will bring up a list and by clicking the bar at the top that says Name you can put them in alphabetical order.  Some of the weblink History LC19Home• Help• Client Help• LC19 Working offline with FirstClass Personal About FirstClass Personal Your offline Desktop What you can do with FirstClass Personal Installing FirstClass Personal Configuring FirstClass Personal If

Internet/Web, and HCIVolume 3729 of Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceAuthorYolanda GilEditorYolanda GilEditionillustratedPublisherSpringer Science & Business Media, 2005ISBN3540297545, 9783540297543Length1073 pagesSubjectsComputers›Databases›GeneralComputers / Computer ScienceComputers / Databases / GeneralComputers / Desktop Applications / Design You must wait until tomorrow before logging in again. Please try again later. Mail lists can only be nested to a depth of 10. 2011 Server message: Can't unsend.

AppleTalk or IPX is installed and you tried to start a FirstClass server that has the same name as one already running on your network. Check the server message log for a more specific error report. A user may have attempted to reuse a recent password, and the password restrictions in their group hierarchy prevents recent passwords. 1101 Client message: Password must contain a combination of numbers, Check that you have the latest version of the FirstClass software.

The user does not have the Read/Unread privilege and has attempted to move, copy or delete an unread message. Check the server message log for a more specific error report. Server message: Already logged in. A FirstClass server or another install utility is already running.

A specified path or file name exceeds the length limit for that item.