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First Class Error 4024

This could also happen if the client confuses the state of a message. The primary role of the Sniper Class…… ← Previous Post Next Post → If you enjoyed this article please consider sharing it! There is not enough memory to open the settings file. Most of the ones you might want to create yourself are in the SystemExceptions namespace. his comment is here

Note Trace information will be logged for every settings file that uses this type of connection. 3Click Setup to open the Service Setup form. Make more memory available by closing other open applications. Password restrictions limit a user group to letters and numbers. An attempt was made to access the resource fork of a file, under an operating system or file system which does not support it. http://pdsnet.pds.org/.onlinehelp/es-do/FOV17-000100B1/S007CB6A9-007CB6A9?Templates=Help

No refunds will be given for returned products that have missing components. You can change the run number on the Options > Project Attributes form and rebuild the application. 1005 All of this application's sessions are currently in use. Contact Centrinity to purchase additional licenses if needed. 1065 Client message: Cannot continue transfer. An incomplete installation, an incomplete uninstall, improper deletion of applications or hardware.

The FirstClass server has not answered the call. This usually indicates that the object was manually deleted by the user, rather than by FirstClass, or that the file was damaged and removed by Trash Collection. You tried to move a conference, file, or message from one disk volume to another. If the login attempt fails again, reset the server modems.

Certain features and products described in this document may not be currently available in all geographic regions. If the problem persists, consider reinstalling the network software or drivers, or contact the network administrator for further instructions. 4127 Message: Cannot execute program. Make sure your connection is set to Shared. 1004 You may only run one copy of this application at a time. http://www.saetechnologies.com/first-class-error-4024/ Administrators should check the server console or log files for additional information. 1040 Client message: Sorry, you can only forward messages.

For more information on file transfers, see the online help. 1066 Client message: Sorry, that is an incomplete file. About Us Contact us Privacy Policy Terms of use HomeSitemap Services Welcome Home » Software » First Class Error 4024 First Class Error 4024 Posted on admin in Software on February Server message: Not addressed. An attempt to read a file has failed.

This indicates a network configuration error. Instead 1003 is presented. 1036 Client message: Sorry, you can only reply to a message. However, since the exception type is already provided, it is probably easier to use it than #error: when you are doing defensive programming of this sort. For example, to log trace information for a modem connection, this field should say MODEM.FCP. 4Click Configure. 5Click the Advanced tab on the configuration form. 6Select the events for which you

That conference is no longer available. http://hprank.net/first-class/first-class-app-generic-error-4.html This error may also occur if an item has been unsent or deleted from a folder, but the view of the folder has not yet been updated to show the change. A user tried to access a file or folder that does not exist. This error is not related to actual memory available from the operating system, except indirectly, as the memory at startup affects the limit assigned to each session.

For AppleTalk® connections, make sure the zone is correct. If no prefix is found, Smalltalk will unwind the stack and print an error message including the message you gave and stack information. The network volume in question may be offline or unavailable. weblink Please report the problem to your system administrator.

This could happen on a modem or WAN connection if the timeout is not long enough, but is most likely caused by an incorrect configuration. Error is the best choice for non-resumable exceptions, and Notification or its subclass Warning is best for exceptions that should resume with nil by default. The FirstClass client software was not properly installed.

For more information, see the information about expiring old messages in the online help. 3000 range error messages The FirstClass errors in the 3000 range describe gateway toolkit errors, and some

Server message: Could not locate IPX. Then, choose Configure > Add License to display the License dialog again. 5405 Message: FirstClass post office folder is damaged. For example, the class Exception provides #new and #signal, where #signal's method is just ^self new signal. The list of recipients, most likely in a public or personal mail list, is too long.

For example, if you are adding a gateway, you must save the gateway before you can click the Directory button. When reported by a FirstClass client, either the password entered is incorrect or the user ID is not valid and auto-registration is not enabled on the server. Using FirstClass Designer, check the settings file to make sure the resource is in the settings file, and is named and numbered correctly. 5000 range error messages The FirstClass errors in http://hprank.net/first-class/first-class-error-1044.html Advise the user (by email) to obtain the latest version of the client software. 1053 Client message: Sorry, you cannot connect to the server at this time because connections have been

Reduce the number of recipients and send the message again. 2006 Server message: No Mailbox. To purchase license diskettes, contact your FirstClass reseller or Centrinity Inc. 5402 Message: Trying to add a license that is already installed. You tried to change a damaged file. If you want this handler to also handle exceptions in whatever value you might provide, you should use #retryUsing: with a block instead.

For minimum and recommended configurations, see FirstClass Administrator's Guide. 1107 Client message: This file you have requested cannot be transferred because it is on the server's restricted list. This error may also occur if the client is running a version of the FirstClass software that is older than the server software. An attempt to position to a specific location within a data file has failed. To save log information permanently, rename the log file before you next start FirstClass.

What you should already know As the installer, you must be familiar with the capabilities and terminology for your: •FirstClass software (including server, client, and additional components) •Mac OS or Windows sig return]. The gateway closes the connection and exits. 3004 Message: Internal use. Please choose a different alias.

It may also indicate a read-only volume (such as a CD-ROM), a network permissions problem, or a hardware failure. 4103 Message: Buffer overflow. The FirstClass client software was not properly installed. In this example I gave the string '/hello/there': Object: Toaster new "<0x4024d7b8>" error: no followPath match for /hello/there Error(Exception)>>signal Error(Exception)>>signal: Toaster(Object)>>error: Toaster>>followPath: Toaster class>>toast: UndefinedObject>>executeStatements Above we see the object that For more information on connection scripts, see the online help.

This error is specific to the Mac OS, and occurs if you try to use a Communications Toolbox that has been incorrectly installed or configured. Try rebuilding it. Server message: No such user. An attempt to execute an external program has failed.

This error may occur if the login limit for the user logging in is set too low.