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First Class Client Error 1044

That's the reason why having a good anti-virus is of utmost importance. If the problem is not with the diskette drive and you cannot resolve the problem by inserting the diskette correctly, contact Centrinity for a replacement diskette. 5407 Message: Attempt to upgrade Fix for calendar & contact import/export. This error may also occur when you have defined the maximum number of gateways or user groups. http://hprank.net/first-class/first-class-error-1044.html

Make sure the dictionary file is not read only. 6104 Message: Too many lexicon files in Tools folder; please remove any unnecessary lexicon files. Contact the supplier of your third-party gateway. 3005 Message: Bad message. To increase the license limits, purchase and install more user licenses. 1048 Client message: That object could not be opened because the original has been deleted. Server message: Function not available until setup is complete.

Make sure the modem is working correctly and that the modem session has been correctly configured. Also, the user may be trying to run both the FirstClass client and FirstClass Personal, and there is not enough memory to run both. 1045 Client message: Duplicate server name. Server message: Not implemented. The message queue is full.

Server message: Incorrect SM parameters. Export of HTML messages will export the FirstClass style data version (requires Internet Services Build 11.015 or later). A user tried to perform a file system operation on an unsupported volume (for example, he or she tried to approve a floppy diskette drive for users and conferences). 4123 Message: This error indicates an internal FirstClass logic error.

It includes error messages for each of the components of FirstClass. You tried to open a résumé for a user or conference that does not have one. 1044 Client message: Sorry, there is no FirstClass server with that name on the network. This error occurs on PowerPC computers if the server is configured for AppleTalk, but Open Transport AppleTalk is not correctly installed. Course Tools.

Check the Connection Setup. Close and save the settings file. Added Setting "Reply with Quote" for all reply types. On Windows add more memory to the machine. 7001 Message: A NULL/0-length/overall bad argument was passed to a function.

Calendar Events - Advanced Repeat Types (10.501) • Added new types of repeats: you can choose every n days/weeks/months/years/hours/minutes. • Daily: can choose between every n days, weekdays, or weekends. • http://www.saetechnologies.com/firstclass-error-1044-message/ This can be tested by attempting to read a different diskette. You have attempted to upgrade an unlicensed post office. The request cannot be completed because the user has exceeded this limit.

Upgrade the client software. 1030 Client message: Sorry, you are not permitted to perform that function. check over here To resend it use the Forward command. This error can also occur if Call Answer is enabled on the phone line. 4009 Message: Cannot connect. An attempt to write to a file has failed.

You cannot forward text documents or items in external folders. 1041 Client message: Sorry, this message may not be sent until it has been properly addressed. The user does not have the Read/Unread privilege and has attempted to move, copy or delete an unread message. Please choose another userID. http://hprank.net/first-class/first-class-error-1002.html Each row has an 'ideal height' - the space the row would take up on an empty calendar.

Check that you have selected the correct modem type. A user tried to reference a volume which is unmounted or unavailable. A blank weekly or monthly calendar should now take up an entire page.

Check the Connection Setup.

This error may also occur if an item has been unsent or deleted from a folder, but the view of the folder has not yet been updated to show the change. Verify that the network protocol is installed correctly, and that your configuration options are appropriate. 1073 Server message: Server does not have that interface option. Make sure IPX is configured and running on the computer. 1075 Client message: Could not open a network socket. A user tried to perform a file system operation that has not been implemented.

Otherwise, until files are deleted, the user will not be able to upload files or send messages. 1095 Client message: The alias you have chosen already exists in the Directory. Reinstall the FirstClass client software, or restore the Tools folder from a backup. 6106 Message: No lexicon files found in Tools folder. Click here follow the steps to fix First Class Error 1044 and related errors. weblink The user canceled a CommToolBox request. 1610 Server message: Unknown error.

Please use the latest version of the FirstClass Install application. 5308 Message: Running tools on a personal post office. Gateways and the admin user are given a higher limit. A user tried to reply to a nondelivery notice (NDN) or to an object with a class not yet supported by FirstClass. 2004 Server message: No Send access. The rule action "Cancel the default action" has been executed as a result of a rule running and matching the conditions.

Please choose a different name. The server and client connection encryption types are not the same so no connection can be established. 1110 Client message: Your request could not be completed. Server message: Connection not configured properly. The First Class Error 1044 error is the Hexadecimal format of the error caused.

Major features and fixes in this release (11.013) Name validation (or closing a window/sending a message after name validation) no longer causes crashes on OS X. Download Download FirstClass Desktop Client, MAC OS X Edition The FirstClass 16.005 Client offers a fantastic suite of new features, designed to make FirstClass collaboration even more powerful and easy to Check that your modem is switched on and connected to the telephone line. If a user working on a Mac OS reports this problem, instruct him or her to quit FirstClass and give more memory to the application. 4702 Message: The file is corrupt

It is used when little or no context information is available at the file system level. Usually, this occurs when the server or another user session modifies the list of items just as the client or batch admin processing gets to a request to access an item If you want to resend the message, unsend it, and send it again. Last updated Wed, Dec 2, 2015 10:47 PM FirstClass is a registered trademark of Open Text inc.