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Load paper into the tray. Command not received A fax command was expected but was not received Communication error, usually because the fax hardware is incompatible, often caused by outdated hardware. Contact Phaxio support. Unexpected DCN while waiting for DCS or DIS The remote fax machine unexpectedly sent a disconnect message when the fax service asked for the remote fax machine's fax capabilities.

This function is made unavailable by the enhanced security function. Last Modified on 3/9/2008. Timed out waiting for the first message A call was established with the receiver and the fax service attempted to establish a fax session, but there was no fax response from Figure 2 shows that the partial page, which makes up the second physical page, contained errors. http://www.blackice.com/Help/Impact/Colorfax%20webhelp/WebHelp/Fax_Transmission_Messages.htm

Fax Dcn

Article has been viewed 3869 times. Training failure : minimum speed reached Could not negotiate even at the bare minimum fax transmission rate Communication error, usually because the fax hardware is incompatible, often caused by outdated hardware. See "Recommended Paper Sizes and Types", About This Machine .

Contact the administrator. Copy paper becomes creased. This article providesdefinitions of those abbreviations. Canon Fax Error Codes See "Printing Received and Stored Documents" and "Viewing, Printing, and Deleting Received Fax Documents Using a Web Image Monitor", Facsimile Reference .

Print Now should be in the display. Fax Error Codes Different options that have been requested or were set during training. [1] = ID was received successfully (Transmitting Subscriber Identification TSI or Caller Subscriber Identification CSI) [2] = RETRAIN/FALLBACK was requested In SSO, email addresses are used to login rather than usernames. Try sending and receiving faxes on a different phone line.

When about one hour passes after power to the machine is turned off, all fax documents stored in memory are lost. Fax Ecm This error message, or error code helps the bulk Fax Service determine whether or not the number should be retried, delayed, or removed. Transmission failed due to "maximum e-mail size" error. No response to EOP signal intermittent.Any other hint?Thank you!

Fax Error Codes

The paper is fed at a slant. anchor In practice, this should be rare and may indicate a system problem. Fax Dcn Use recommended paper. Fax Cfr Rated 6 out of 10 based on 16 votes.

Make sure the modular cord is correctly connected. Contact Phaxio support. Robotics Courrier V. Figure 2. Fax Dcs

Misfeeds occur frequently. note: Most diagnostic codes are 12 digits in length while some are 15 digits long. You already have a DSC or SSO profile? The partial pages are blocks of data of a fixed size.

DCE to DTE data underflow Communication error occurred Communication error, usually because the fax hardware is incompatible, often caused by outdated hardware. Fax Machine The final page block for a particular page is followed by a PPS-MPS message. The non-ECM case will happen if the line is noisy causing errors on many of the lines in the page.

Disconnected after permitted retries The fax service attempted to send the same message multiple times unsuccessfully.

The call could not be placed. Use recommended paper. Communication errors can occur in transmit or receive operations and are presented in the following paragraphs. RNR Receiver not ready - response to sender in ECM if receiver is momentarily busy.

PIN Procedure interrupt negative - indicates that the previous message has not been satisfactorily received and that further transmissions are not possible without operator intervention. Misfeeds occur frequently. Message Description, possible causes There was a problem in converting and merging files to the output file format. Remote receiver does not respond with a RTP or RTN or the transmitter cannot retransmit. 536 At least one page not confirmed Occurs in non-ECM mode when there are many errors

Page length wrong The page length was incorrectly reported Communication error, usually because the fax hardware is incompatible, often caused by outdated hardware. GC Group command - indicates to receiver what group transmitter will use. The terminating fax machine will checksum the HDLC frames as an error detection method, and it will request for a frame to be retransmitted if it is corrupt (that is, contains Docs | Blog | Pricing | FAQ | About Us | Contact | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy © Copyright 2011-2016 Phaxio ERROR The requested URL could not be

Everything EXT PnP (V90-x2).We send many faxes to a pool of almost 20 recipients not in same time.Any tips or hint?Thank you 3 Data Techniques Responses and 2 Community Responses Up PRI-MPS Procedure interrupt - Multipage signal - indicates the same as an MPS command with the additional optional capability of requesting operator intervention. This could be due to there being no fax machine on the receiving end, or a lack of call clarity. The paper is damp.

This command requires no response. Copy paper becomes creased. However, further receptions may be possible, provided training and/or phasing are retransmitted. Printed paper is being used.

The image on the back side of duplex copies has mottled blank patches or is smudged. Click 'REGISTER' at the top right of the page to create a Single Sign On profile. Below we list the error_codes for the API, segmented by their corresponding error_type. Sheets are sticking together.

Figure 1.