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Fedex Error Code F055


Note 2: If you utilize DG Commodity dry ice, the current FSMS logic will set tag 1268 to 'Y' and all Dry Ice edits will occur. 0276 The data for this If you process an intra-India or intra-Mexico shipment in an 020 Global Ship Request, and Field ID 1209 (Priority Alert Flag) or Field ID 1850 (Priority Alert Plus Flag) is set Note: Use this feature if you prepare multiple-piece shipments (MPS) where multiple packages and labels are prepared as a single shipment. If you are set up for displaying list rates, also select the Express Domestic List Rates, Ground List Rates and SmartPost List Rates checkboxes. have a peek here

The Handling Charges Dialog provides options for both FedEx Expressand FedEx Groundshipping services. please verify it. 0199 This function is not available for the PAL form. The following close related configurable option is removed from the SmartPost Options combo box on the SmartPost Settings tab and relocated to the Shipper Settings tab: 2.6Configuring Report Settings Open the See ConfiguringHandling Chargesfor FedEx SmartPostand the FedEx Ship Manager® Server Developer Guide for details on setting handling charges for FedEx SmartPost. https://www.fedex.com/us/developer/WebHelp/fsms/1501/html/FSMSHelp/FSMSTCR/Appendix_D_Error_Codes.htm

Fedex Error Code F055

cashiers check flag...Must be Y or N. 0520 Alcohol flag cannot be left blank. 0521 C.O.D. Table 108:Error Codes 0600-0999 Code Message Error Condition 0600 Invalid parameter for Shipping Log. 0601 International transactionscannot be processed in INTERACTIVE mode. 0602 Invalid terms of sale. ·During 020 Do you ship to fixed locations?

If you select Wait for Confirmation Required, you will NOT be able to process ANY ETD transactions while you wait for the confirmation. Box shipments are not allowed — recipient not processed. 0452 Economy service valid only to/from Puerto Rico. 0453 Shipments to Puerto Rico cannot be processed via the Domestic ship U.S. — Field 27 (C.O.D. Fedex Failed To Insert Record Into Database Starting with v 10.6.1 release, all configuration and rate information is maintained on the FedEx central server and information is automatically downloaded to the customer devices.

You may specify an interval of up to 90 days. Fedex Shipping Error Codes When a user attempts to process a shipment via 020 Global Shipping transaction or 037 Email Label transaction, and the sender country is not US or CA, or the sender country Flag) is set to Y and the C.O.D. Multi-Ply Air Waybill Form Types Form Type Description Form 306 FedEx® International Air Waybill with a preprinted tracking number Form 307 FedEx International Air Waybill without a preprinted tracking number Form

Export Time Specify the time in the 24-hour (hhmm) format (for example, 0100 equals 1 p.m.). Fedex Error Code 7022 run cleanup routine NOW! 0325 Download failed. 0326 Handling charges must be between 0.00 and 999.99 dollars. 0327 Download of international rates were not staged. 0328 Modem Department* Enter the name of the department shipping from the assigned meter. Here are some basic questions to consider before deciding what services you need.

Fedex Shipping Error Codes

Enter zero (0) to not print copies. Shipper Settings Setting Description Master Meter Number (physical location of hardware) Allows you to select meter you want to configure. Fedex Error Code F055 For Intra-UK shipment via the 020 Shipping Transaction with a future date beyond 10 days with the Express Extended Future Day checkbox checked and the Ship Date Tag, (tag 24) being What Does Fedex Code F055 Mean return shipment, you must acknowledge receipt of the Terms and Conditions.

Digital Letterhead Logo and Digital Signature Message Note: The maximum letterhead image cannot exceed 7.75" x 3" for letter-size paper with a 3" offset. navigate here Learn more If you have any questions or need assistance using FedEx Ship Manager Software, please call the FedEx Ship Manager Technical Support Center at 1.877.FDX Assist 1.877.339.2774. When a customer enters package dimensions for a Bound Printed Matter, Standard Mail, or Media package, FedEx validates the sum of the length plus girth (2 x height + 2 x Table 5: FedEx Ship Manager ServerAccess Privileges Configuration Tab Description User Level Field Level Shipper Settings FedEx shipper record data, including sender contact and address information. Fedex Error Messages

Rating Optionson the SmartPost SettingsTab See Using the Demand DownloadUtilityfor information on downloading FedEx ExpressBonus/Earned Discounts. 2.9About FedEx SmartPost Configuration FedEx SmartPost® is an optional contract service for shippers of high The reports that appear in the list depend on the services you have enabled. You need Field Levelaccess privileges to configure system settings. 1)If the System Settingstab is not displayed, click the Access Privilegesbutton and type the password for Field Levelaccess privileges. 2)Click the System Check This Out Do your packages need to be there quickly?

Meter numbers let you manage your shipments and provide accounting and reporting according to a number of different scenarios, such as geographical location of shipping areas, distribution systems, and internal setup Fedex Validation Code F055 The maximum signature image dimensions cannot exceed 2" x 1". 5)The Meter Settingstab reappears with the ETD Default Options, as shown in Meter SettingsTab. 6)The Electronic Trade Documents feature automatically Items that have an asterisk (*) will be printed on the shipping label.

If you configure the master meter and want to save that configuration for all meters on your server, then click the Copy to All Meters button at the bottom of the

If you configure 5.00 (%) for your handling fee, the actual handling fee assessed on the shipment is $5.25CAD. ChargeLevel In addition to the ability to add handling charges via FedEx Ship Manager Serverthen returns a hard error and the document upload transaction must be re-submitted. If a customer is processing an 020 Global Ship Request for a FedEx SmartPost Returns shipment, and passes in Field 2417 (FedEx SmartPost Service Type/Postal Indicia) set to 7 (Returns) and Fedex Service Is Invalid Please call FedEx Technical Support via your normal support channel.

Print online, In store or by downloading our mobile app. please try again later. 0754 An error has occurred during Track system initialization. 0755 Interactive home-out transaction can only be processed in interactive mode. 0756 Destination country does Occurrence: All shipping methods @ Confirm. this contact form The 'Form Type' field is defaulted to 'Laser' and grayed out/disabled when the 'Ground OP900LL' form is selected.

Reprint is for labels only. 0620 PAL labels must be selected. 0621 This special service is not available with document shipping. 0622 The system is not configured for This must be checked for a global returns shipment or a non-US intra-country returns shipment to be created by the meter. When you are finished, click Apply or Apply & Exit to save your selections. Percent of Net Charge Select this checkbox if you want FSMSto calculate a fixed percentage of the net freight charges (including discounts) to be applied as a handling fee.

Click Here Package, Envelope, or Express Freight FedEx Express or FedEx Ground Track by Tracking Number Track by Reference Obtain Proof of Delivery Track by TCN Access FedEx Tracking Access FedEx Box - Not allowed. 3045 Shipper Postal code or routing code is required. 3046 Shipper Postal/Routing code and country do not match. 3047 The length of the Shipper postal code exceeds please re-enter. 0133 Duplicate tracking number... Note:Many countries require the letterhead and signature for electronic documents, so it is important to upload them prior to processing shipments.

Shipper SettingsTab 2)All bold fields on the Shipper Settingstab are required to configure a meter.